Budweiser “Liquid Gold”

BUDWISER_liquid_gold 075BUDWISER_liquid_gold 122BUDWISER_liquid_gold 190BUDWISER_liquid_gold 304BUDWISER_liquid_gold 413BUDWISER_liquid_gold 602BUDWISER_liquid_gold 707BUDWISER_liquid_gold 805BUDWISER_liquid_gold 832


  • Directed by LOBO:
  • Cadu Macedo
  • Carlos Bêla
  • Mateus de Paula Santos
  • DesignersAnimators:
  • Cadu Macedo,
  • Carlos Bêla,
  • Paula Nobre,
  • Roger Marmo,
  • Diogo Kalil
  • Realflow Artist: Cristian Lucas
  • Cel Animation:
  • Rogerio Godoy,
  • Marcos Felix
  • Producers:
  • Loic Francois Marie Dubois (Head of Production)
  • Joao Tenorio
  • Modernista
  • Executive Creative Directors: Gary Koepke and Lance Jensen
  • Art Directors: Nando Costa/Linn Olofsdotter
  • Producer: Julian Katz
  • Executive Producer: Charles Wolford


  • BDA Promax 2006 / Silver

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