2008 Dupont “Miracle of Science Hi Sci”


  • Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
  • Design & Animation: Marcelo Garcia, Cadu Macedo, Carlos Bêla,
  • Paula Nobre, Gabriel Dietrich, Roger Marmo, Diogo Kalil, Mateus de Paula Santos
  • Lead 3D Team: Gustavo Yamin, Cleverson Leal
  • Modeling: Rafael Fegnini, Alex Liki
  • 3D R&D Team: Ivan Ymanishi, Fernando Faria, Luiz Garrido
  • Head of Production : Loic Francois Marie Dubois
  • Production Company: The Ebeling Group
  • Executive Producer: Mick Ebeling
  • Producer: Dan Bryant, Sue Lee

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