2004 Diesel “Lost Paradise”




  • Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
  • Producer: Loic Francois Marie Dubois and Renata Correa
  • Design and Animation: Mateus de Paula Santos, Guilherme Marcondes, Cadu Macedo, Carlos Bêla, Mario Sader, Roger Marmo, Denis Kamioka, Paula Nobre
  • Cell Animation: Marcos Felix,  Adrianus Cafeu, Francisco de Assis Sanches, Anderson Resende
  • Stop Motion Animation: Michael Arms, Marcelo Pereira, Lucas Rossi, with thanks to Anima King Studio
  • Additional Animation: Rafael Grampá, Fabrício Barros
  • Sound Designer: Paulo Beto


  • BDA Promax 2004/ Gold
  • 7 Sao Paulo Graphic Design Biennial/ Merit
  • One Show Design 2004 / Gold Pencil

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