2005 The Magnificent Coke M5


  • Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
  • Head of Production: Loic Francois Marie Dubois
  • Producer: João Tenório
  • Design/Animation: Carlos Bêla, Raquel Falkenbach, Diogo Kalil, Roger Marmo
  • Screenplay: Michael Arms, Guilherme Marcondes, João Tenório
  • Storyboard: Cadu Macedo
  • Editing: João Tenório, Carlos Bêla
  • Flame Post Production: Daniel Mattos
  • Sound Effects: Paulo Beto
  • Lead Stop Motion Animator: Michael Arms
  • Animation Assistant: Marcelo A M Pereira
  • Puppet Construction: Gustavo de Magalhães
  • Technician: Iara Furuse Abigalil
  • Set Production: Ana Paula Garroux
  • Set Cinematographer: Paulo De Tarso

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