Smirnoff ” GameDayReady”

LOBO_SMIRNOFF-2.001 LOBO_SMIRNOFF-4.002 LOBO_SMIRNOFF-5.001 GameDayReady_web GameDayReady_web2 GameDayReady_web3 GameDayReady_web8 GameDayReady_web9 GameDayReady_web12 Smirnoff_lobo030 Smirnoff_lobo002 Smirnoff_lobo011 Smirnoff_lobo025 Smirnoff_lobo013

72&Sunny NY

Executive Creative Director

Guillermo Vega

Creative Director/Designer

Adolfo Alcala

Interactive Producer

Vishal Dheiman


Estela Pereira

Production Coordinator

Emma Ogiens

Creative Director / Writer

Brandon Pierce


David Cole

Jr. Writer

Shanie Trice

Senior Strategist

Marshall Ball

Group Brand Director

Karla Stewart

Director of Strategy

Tim Jones

Group Director

Andy Silva

Brand Manager

Meredith Savatsky

Business Affairs Director

Julie Balster


Fabiano Broki

Creative Executive Producer

Loic Francois Marie Dubois


Amanda Queiroz Telles, Su Constantine

Concept Artists

Fabiano Broki, Fabio Acorsi, Michele Masagli

Character Design

Fabiano Broki

2D Animation

Fabiano Broki, Chan Tong, Anderson Omori, Thiago Martins

2D Animation Assistant

Tassia Falleiros, Bruno Tedesco

Motion Design

Fabiano Broki, Fabio Acorsi, Felipe Frazão

Music, Sound design and Final Mixing

PB Anvil FX




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