McDonald HM Character Reel 2012-2020

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Lobo was approached by TBWA\Paris and Passion Pictures in 2012, under creative guidance of director Laurent Nicolas, with a bold proposition: to bring McDonald’s new mascot Happy to life and take charge of producing a continuing series of animated shorts where he would interact with characters from all major animation studios, like Dreamworks, BlueSky, Reel FX and Fox. Naturally, we jumped at the chance without a blink.

With Loic Francois Marie Dubois as it Creative Executive Director it was a hugely complex enterprise, coordinating assets from various production companies and generating content for an array of different markets around the globe; but also a very gratifying experience, one that allowed us to work with so many amazing new characters and beloved franchises from the world of film and animation.

Today, the project keeps going stronger than ever, now under Lobo’s full control. And every time a new McDonald’s Happy Meal campaign shows up on the horizon we can’t wait to see what characters we’ll have the privilege to work with, and what wild antics they will get embroiled in with our wacky, cheerful friend Happy.



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