Project9 / Mk12 / Harmonix 2009

chapter_three_0011chapter_three_0008chapter_three_0006chapter_three_0004ch06_final_online_c 0419 ch05_final_online_c 624 ch04_final_online_c 0897 ch04_final_online_c 0733 ch04_final_online_c 0545 ch04_final_online_c 0302 ch03_final_online_c 452 ch03_final_online_c 312 ch03_final_online_c 241 ch03_final_online_c 080  


Executive Producer: Mick Ebeling

Producer: Sue Lee, Neil Van Harte

Head of Production: Loïc François Marie Dubois

Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos

Designers/Animators: Carlos Bêla, Gabriel Dietrich, Chico Jofilsen, Daniel Pommella, Roger Marmo, Rodrigo Ribeiro

Production: The Ebeling Group / MK12 / Harmonix

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